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BREAST & HORMONE HEALTH SERIES: Breast Nodules and MYOMIN. How I added this pill to my protocol and eradicated my nodule.

Breast Examination and Nodules

I want to share with you how I was diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts and how I eradicated the nodule/cyst on my right breast. 

On October 23, 2020, I noticed a huge lump on my right breast that was throbing and felt it growing while my lymph nodes were swollen from an abscess infection from my number 18 back bottom molar. Its a meredian molar that connects to arteries, lungs, and breast lymphs.

 I was just was diagnosed Cancer Free and on Remission from Thyroid Cancer Stage Three early October 2020. 

I had created a protocol with the help of aproximately eight doctors to follow and to treat and eradicate the Cancer that was diagnosed late January 2019. 

I had finally "killed" Cancer I thought!  I was adding chelation even after the diagnoses and started TRS (Zeolite) withought the monitoring of a Doctor. I thought that spraying it all day everyday was harmless. Boy, was I wrong!

Huge Mistake!!

I was feeling my molar crowns on my teeth coming out loose, and I visited a Dentist. She noticed indeed the crowns needed replacement, and after I wanted to get back into having this fixed,  Covid was entering our Country and all Dentists closed for business. I was in massive pain, both in my breast, all lyphs, and molar.

No Dentist could see me in the States. I prayed to God to please help. I obviously stopped TRS and SimplyOrganix helped! I wanted to find a Biodentical Dentist that can help make the right decision. 

After a whole week, calling and e-mailing Doctors, I finally found a Biodentical Holistic Doctor in San Diego that had moved his practice to Mexico.

After an amazing experience with this Doctor, in which I had Molar 18 removed. The pain went away, of both the teeth, lymphs, and breast, but I still had this five cm lump in my breast that was throbbing here and there. 

I opted to get an ultrasound right away. I did not want to get a mammogram (will explain later in another article; meanwhile read AGENT NATEUR article HERE). 

My Ultrasound showed I had a Breast Nodule and it was not benign. They said, I can take an Aromatose Inhibitor to break it down, or I can get it removed by ultrasound guided cyst aspiration. Which would be painful and had no guarantee the cyst will grow again, which they said with Fibrocystic Breasts they most lilkely will. 

I started my investigation and found MYOMIN. I felt it was the supplement for me. I had read all the studies, which you can Read HERE. I asked people that had taken it and they shared with me their healing journeys with MYOMIN.

Myomin is a herbal complex containing astragalus membranaceous, white curcumin, aralia, cyperus rotundus and smilax grablar developed by Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi a Chinese-American Doctor and Naturopath, to reduce estrogen levels in both men and women through the reduction of aromatisation.

Most of us withought realizing are ESTROGEN DOMINANT. I was one of them. 

Estrogen is known as the “female” hormone. Too much of it can effect and create havoc in our bodies and health.Estrogen dominance occurs when your estrogen levels are too high relative to progesterone.

These following Estrogens create Aromatose Enzymes such as

1. Oestradiol (estradiol, or E2) is produced in various places in the body of both men and women, for example in the ovaries, testes, adrenal glands, liver, breasts, brain and fat stores. The primary source is cholesterol which is converted through a series of intermediates to androtestosterone, and thence to oestrone, and thereafter to oestradiol. 

2. Androtestosterone can also be converted to testosterone and then to estradiol. On menopause in women, the production of estrone and estradiol in the ovaries falls by 70-80%.

Aromatase enzymes are involved in the production of estradiol from testosterone. Aromatase enzymes are thus found in the same tissues of: ovaries, testicles, adrenals, liver, brain and fat tissue. In fat storage; particularly, there are high levels of aromatase enzymes resulting in people with more fatty tissue having higher levels of oestradiol and oestrone.

Too much of these Estrogens In women, have been linked to problems such as uterine fibroids, thyroid disease, endometriosis, cysts, infertility issues, PCOS, and more.

In men it has been linked to enlarged prostate glands, erectile dysfunction, enlarged breasts and prostate cancer.

Drugs have been created for women called Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) – typically anastrozole, letrozole and exemestane.  Many women who are prescribed such drugs spend five years on them; others come off them after only a month or two because of hot flushes, pain in bones or fatigue. Side-effects can include strokes, brittle bones and stiffness and joint pain.

So what is in Myomin?

Myomin is a Chinese herbal complex. It is an all-natural herbal formula that contains:

  • Astragalus membranaceous
  • Aralia
  • Smilax glabra
  • Curcuma zedoria
  • Cyperus rotundus

I took three pills thirty minutes after every meal for 3 months straight. I can honestly say that in one week the pain and swelling of breasts went away. After three months, I did not feel my lump and I no longer was getting the hot flashes.

I have been taking MYOMIN since late October 2020 and stopped taking it for two months last year (also to see if it actually worked, or if was my other pills working), and I can say I felt the nodule growing back again during the time I stopped taking it and feeling weak. 

I would say that if I exercised everyday and had normal perspiration to detox, I probably won't need to take it. But as a very busy entrepreneur, and not able to have normal lympahtic drainage, I do need to take this amazing pill everyday! It has saved my life!

I also want to include that while I was healing from Cancer,  I discovered I was insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is when cells in your muscles, fat, and liver, don’t respond well to insulin and can’t use glucose from your blood for energy. To make up for it, your pancreas makes more insulin. Over time, your blood sugar levels go up.How is Insulin Resistance & Estrogen Dominance correlated to Breast Nodules??I wite about HERE in this article.

I also would like to add what each ingredient does in the MYOMIN formulation, so you can get a better understanding of the its potency: 

1) Astragalus Membranaceous – according to the Sloane Kettering website, Formononetin which is a substrate of Astragalus does have proven estrogen-receptor-modulating effects. Herbalists refer to Astragalus as an adaptagen, meaning it can and does modify and balance hormone levels. It is also and anti-oxidant and highly anti-inflammatory, a good anti-cancer combination. It is also known to boost the immune system. Astragalus root comes from the Northern and Eastern regions of China and is used through folklore to boost the size of breasts during puberty, where it is believed to regulate hormones.

2) Aralia – has been shown to reduce oestrogen levels and in several studies to be cytoxic. The 'aralia family' includes Chinese or Siberian Ginseng, used in folklore to increase energy, it is an adaptagen and balances hormones. Used also for blood pressure and diabetes. 

3) Smilax glabra, or Sarsaparilla, is widely used in medicine. It has several active ingredients such as natural steroids and saponins, and known to mimic the action of estrogen and testosterone. Often used as a general tonic which can also treat arthritis and skin problems. Supposedly helps 'youthfulness'.

4) Curcuma zedoria, or white turmeric is a close relation to ‘normal’ turmeric, and ginger. It’s an anti-inflammatory that reduces pain and there’s some evidence it clears away toxins from the body. There is research that it can kill cancer cells such as metastatic ovarian cancer cells, in vitro. It can reduce levels of white cells in the blood. There is also research showing that curcumin can bind to the estrogen receptor alpha, and it may well act as a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM).

5) Cyperus rotundus, or Nut Grass, has many benefits – the usual skin and digestion benefits, anti-fungal, anti-viral (it treats herpes), it fights fat and reduces blood pressure. However, it is known to stimulate menstrual flow and boost breast milk production. There is an in vitro study showing it causes apoptosis in Triple Negative Breast Cancer cell lines.

I hope this article has helped you understand your hormones and if you have any cysts in your uterus, breasts, etc, Research has found Myomin to be particularly effective in treating estrogen-dominant conditions, such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis and fibrocystic breasts. High estrogen levels are the primary cause of these conditions and Myomin works by lowering them. 

I purchase my MYOMIN directly from Dr. Chi. Buy Here

If any of you guys try this, and it helps or have any questions, please e-mail me at: I would love to hear from you!