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CANCER HEALING SERIES: My number one addition to my Cancer Healing Journey. Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC®).

I was diagnosed with Papillary and Follicular Thyroid Cancer in late January 2019. I allowed my Spiritual Awareness and Faith in Holistic Healing take over me, the moment that I found out I had Cancer. 

The six C letter word we all dread, and never thought I would EVER hear it, was in fact not a nightmare edpisode, but REAL LIFE.

My mother was with me, I just had a nodule removed from my thyroid a week prior, that was supposedly not malignant. Come to find out, on January 30, 2019, it was actually a tumor the size of a Yamanashi grape that had developed Cancer, attached to my thyroid. 

So many questions came rushing in my head. How? Why? I then remembered that I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in my early 20s and I never did anything to control or heal it. 

I knew I was in a very stressful relationship and I had a whirlwind of a Life. Living in my 20s and 30s on high voltage. I always seamed Healthy, but never took it upon to actually take measures control my disease and restore my health. 

I was running on Adrenaline for years, and my HPA axis was running on low, pumping in too much cortisol that lead to oxydation of mainly all my cells, especially my Thyroid. 

After my Doctor shared the News with my Mother, we both began to cry. We hugged, and my Doctor quickly explained to my mother that the next step to take was to remove the Thyroid and therefore schedule surgery right away. We both looked at each other, and she said if that is the best thing to do, then we will do it. 

I knew  deep down inside that I did not want to ever remove any organ in my body ever. I felt a strong feeling, a call that there was something else I can do. 

We left the Hospital and went to Rainbow Acres in Mar Vista. I felt a calling to go there. The moment I arrived, a girl in her mid 20s was at the door. Gorgeous girl with a little bit of jaundice skin, that was scaly and reminded me so much of my Thyroid Doctor that had just acnounce the news to us (I will explain later the connection).

The girl in her 20s we saw in the front of the store, we learned within not even five minutes, that she too was diagnosed with the same Cancer and she did remove her thyroid and now regrets it. 

We walked to the back, where all the advanced selective supplements you cannot find anywhere else are, and where Natural Pharmacists and Nutrionists, can help you with any Health question you may have. (A Gem)

I spoke to one of the pharmacists about my current diagnoses, she explained to me she had receieved the same diagnoses years ago and that the main and first supplement she recommended was Quality of Life, Kinoko, Platinum 750 AHCC. She said this highly potent mycelia mushroom supplement had healed and done miracles for herself and thousands of people. Healed them from Cancer and Uterus related diseases. 

I looked up the studies myself right then and there, and for some reason just trusted her. 

I knew, that Adoptogens have the power to modulate the hypothalamus so less cortisol is secreted during stress response. I knew I could not overdose on this, since mushrooms are the only organisms in the world that are almost 100% closely related to humans.  Which means that like as us, exposed to Sun, and mushrooms to UV radiation as well, they are able to produce vitamin D like us. In Shiitake, however (the mycelia is derived from the shiitake), not only are they able to produce vitamin D2, but vitamin D3 and D4!

In a study of the bioavailability of vitamin D2 in mushrooms compared with the bioavailability of vitamin D2 or vitamin D3 in a supplement revealed that ingestion of 2000 IUs of vitamin D2 in mushrooms is as effective as ingesting 2000 IUs of vitamin D2 or vitamin D3 in a supplement in raising and maintaining blood levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D which is a marker for a person's vitamin D status.

Therefore, mushrooms are a rich source of vitamin D2 that when consumed can increase and maintain blood levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in a healthy range. Ingestion of mushrooms may also provide the consumer with a source of vitamin D3 and vitamin D3.

Why is Vitamin D have to do with Cancer?

That is another subject I will touch, but as I learned later from my endocronologist; Vitamin D levels are directly correlated to Cancer. Mine were off the chart low. My Doctor could not believe how I still had hair. I believe mine were lowerthan a 10 or at 12 ng/ml. Which made me vitamin D defecient. 

What is AHCC®?

How is Quality of Life, Kinoko, Platinum 750 AHCC® DIFFERENT from others? 

“Kinoko” means “mushroom” in Japanese and is used instead of mushroom in the AHCC® product names, for its superior quality. AHCC® Kinoko Gold and AHCC® Kinoko Platinum symbolize the significance of healing mushroom root extracts in traditional Asian medicine.

The history of Kinoko medicine goes back thousands of years. AHCC® was developed in 1987 at the University of Tokyo Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, along with other researchers, as a natural product for use in regulating high blood pressure. However, AHCC is now primarily known for its immunostimulant potential in protecting against viruses, cancers, and infections.

Regular Active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) is a widely sold health supplement extracted from Basidiomycete mushrooms (eg, shiitake [Lentinula edodes]) that is purported to improve immune function.

I tried other brands, to see if this particular brand was superior to others, or the same. After a month of switching to another brand, while still having Cancer, I noticed that my body did not feel the same and not as stable as it did with Quality of Life Brand.

Some forms of medicinal mushroom extracts have high molecular weights, which  makes them pass through the body less efficiently. AHCC® has a low molecular weight, allowing your body to absorb it quickly, ergo; making them highly bioavailable. 

 AHCC® is full of alpha-glucans, which further increase this compound’s bioavailability in your body. This allows your body to fully utilize the immune defense properties of AHCC® more efficiently than other medicinal mushroom extracts.

 Backed By Science. 

Several large research institutions across the world have studied AHCC® products. Human clinical studies conducted by Ivy League institutions have shown incredible immune benefits when taking AHCC® supplements.,

AHCC® is the world’s most researched specialty immune supplement, supported by over 30 human studies and by more than 100 pre-clinical in vivo and in vitro studies. It is utilized by over 1,000 healthcare facilities worldwide to reduce the incidence of infections in both healthy and immune-compromised patients, improve cancer patient outcomes, decrease chemo side-effects, help control HPV infections, manage viral loads in Hepatitis-C patients and help those with liver disease.

See Clinical Trial Studies HERE for CANCER, HPV, CHEMO, LIVER, OLDERLY, and IMMUNITY. 

I have recommended this MEDICINAL Supplement to my entire immediate and my aunts, my Mom's friends, and Grandma. They all have witnessed their health and immune system climb. My cleaning lady was diagnosed with HPV infection, and after taking it religiously for 3 months, the cultures came back negative.

Research has shown that AHCC® never loses its effectiveness over time. I continue to take the supplement now for over 3 years and have felt it build the health of my mitochondria. I honestly have never felt healthier in the aspect that my body is able to fight any foreign enttity. 

Maintains Optimal NK Cell Activity*

What I loved about this product is that it works  INSTANTLY for me! 

AHCC® regulates the activity of natural killer cells to ensure they are not overactive or underactive. I could plan an outing that day, where I would be surrounded by alot of  people. Even when feeling a liitle weak or run down, etc. The moment I take it, within minutes, I could feel my immune system stronger.

Natural Killer (NK) Cells are lymphocytes in the same family as T and B cells, coming from a common progenitor. However, as cells of the innate immune system, NK cells are classified as group I Innate Lymphocytes (ILCs) and respond quickly to a wide variety of pathological challenges. NK cells are best known for killing virally infected cells, and detecting and controlling early signs of cancer. As well as protecting against disease, specialized NK cells are also found in the placenta and may play an important role in pregnancy. 

NK cells were first noticed for their ability to kill tumour cells without any priming or prior activation (in contrast to cytotoxic T cells, which need priming by antigen presenting cells). They are named for this ‘natural’ killing. Which is why the reason these supplements work almost instantly.

Additionally, NK cells secrete cytokines such as IFNγ and TNFα, which act on other immune cells like Macrophage and Dendritic cells to enhance the immune response. 

Regulates T-Cell Activity*

AHCC® helps T-cells function properly within your immune system.* T-cells are important for recognizing specific health threats that your immune system has already fought against. Without T-cells, you would never gain immunity to specific threats. 

T-cells have extensive memories, circulating until they recognize their coded threat. AHCC® regulates their activity to make sure T-cells identify immune threats, which helps your immune system target specific invaders more efficiently.*

I never did Chemo or Radiation to combat my Cancer, but one thing I noticed in other Cancer patients is that:

"Chemotherapy can inhibit bone marrow function (T cells), which is life-threatening because the body’s key immune soldiers — the white blood cells — originate in bone marrow. AHCC has been shown to raise the white blood cell count of cancer patients by about 30%."

That is incredible, because once your count of white blood cells are diminshed, your body cannot fight anymore and its when your body gives up. 

Manages Macrophages and The Mitochondria

Macrophages are phagocytic cells that participate in a broad range of cellular functions and are key regulators of innate immune responses and inflammation. Mitochondria are highly dynamic endosymbiotic organelles that play key roles in cellular metabolism and apoptosis. Mounting evidence suggests that mitochondria are involved in the interplay between metabolism and innate immune responses. 

 AHCC® promotes the optimal activity of macrophages to balance your immune system defenses.

Macrophages secrete proteins that signal your immune systems to take proper actions to neutralize health threats. They also get rid of damaged cells, infected tissues, and other harmful substances in your body. As AHCC® manages macrophage activity, your immune system works accord and aiding 

The mitochondria are the power house of the cell, like what the engine is to your car. Without an engine, your car cannot move, and without healthy mitochondria, your body will not thrive. It needs the right fuel/ingredients to thrive to be able to replace good cells and kill bad cells. 

If I would have to recommend one product to add to your Wellness Protocol is this one on top of the list. This one alone can combat and fulfill so much.

I purchase my AHCC® directly from Qulaity of Life. Buy Here

If any of you guys try this, and it helps or have any questions, please e-mail me at: I would love to hear from you!