Birdie Dry Brush
Birdie Dry Brush
Birdie Dry Brush
Birdie Dry Brush

Birdie Dry Brush

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Designer's Note:

Wendy Glez "Birdie" Dry Brush is hand crafted using a generational old shell inlay technique that is almost going instinct.

Made by indigenous carpentors from the mountains near Mexico City. Unique and Exclusive Design to Wendy Glez. 

Dry Brushing is one of the most important wellness tool that is vitaly essential to help maintain healthy lymph nodes. 

Wellness Benefits:

  1. Decreases Fluid Retention
  2. improves Circulation
  3. Produces Collagen & Elastin
  4. Helps Rid Your Body of Toxins
  5. Improve Moisture



  • Made with Orgnaic Agave Bristles
  • Mexican Pine Wood
  • Individually Carved with embedded Abalone Pearl Shell
  • Every Brush is One-of-a-kind.
  • Comes in a Travel Bag in either Cotton Leopard Velveteen or Blush Velvet
  • Bag Made in Los Angeles
  • Brush Made in Mexico 
  • Comes With Reading Material


*Based on Large

  • 8.75" Length
  • 2.5" Width of Head